About Me

My name is Rajjae and I’m happy you’re here! I’ve been married 14 years and the past 10 have been as a military spouse. My husband is active duty Army. I’ve got 4 “army brats,” 3 boys and our youngest is a girl. Military life has been quite the challenge, but I have my precious family. They’ve been my saving grace. So far we’ve been stationed in Savannah, GA, Ansbach, Germany, Landstuhl, Germany and Fort Hood, Texas. We’ve had great experiences everywhere we’ve gone, but it doesn’t get any easier having to pull yourself away from it all after a few years.

I began this blog because of the number of marriages I’ve seen fall apart as a military spouse. All around us husbands and wives were falling away from each other and I thought, if I could, I’d like to help with that. Being that I am not a licensed professional, you can certainly think of me as your coach! I’ve got advice here from people who’ve been married FAR longer than my 14 years and the advice they give is invaluable. Even with all that, I offer a great deal of Biblical and practical advice to help keep you grounded in difficult times.

But that’s not all. I also talk family life, motherhood, prayer and friendship. There are so many facets in life and I want to help any and anyone I can who deals with some of the same struggles that I have…and, let’s face it, there’s a lot of us out there! So whether your’re married, military, momma, or a stay-home-daddy, there’s something here for you and I hope you take away something you can use in your daily life. You can contact me here for business inquiries. Happy Reading!

All my best,