A Husband’s Heart

In one of my older posts ‘The People’s Voice“, I explained to you the importance of having you share your input on this blog. I can provide a ton of experiences based on what I’ve gone through, but a community of people sharing is so much better, don’t you think?

I also told you the importance of having a male input on this blog, namely my husband. To give a woman’s perspective alone would be unfair. Men think so much differently than women, there’s no way I could do this blog without the input of a husband. I say “a husband” because my husband isn’t the only one I’ve asked for input. We’ve only got close to 11 years of marriage experience and 9 years of parenting under our belt…we’ve still got A LOT to learn! So, I was fortunate enough to get a little feedback from a man who’s been married for 31 years…let that sink in for a moment. 31 years. How many marriages last even close to that long anymore?


I asked him…let’s call him Sam, the same question I asked everyone else, “What do you think are the most  common issues in marriage?” That was it, but what I got as a response was so much more than I asked for, and for that I am immensely grateful. I think men need the opportunity to express themselves about the marital issues they deal with. I think it may be therapeutic, and a bit freeing to be able to speak openly without the possibility of repercussions from a biased counselor or an angry wife. I suspect if more men had the opportunity to anonymously get all that “dirt” off of their chest and just speak freely, communication in marriages and about marriage would go so much smoother. There wouldn’t be any misconceptions about who is obligated to make who happy or who is expected to compromise in an effort to “save” the marriage.


So, for the next few posts I will tell you all about what Sam had to say about common issues in marriage. I have to say, when I received his response, I was surprised about his first issue. I’m sure he didn’t mean to name them in order of importance, but wow, the first one really threw me for a loop because it’s an issue you normally see women complain about. In fact, I can say that I myself have complained about this problem in my own marriage from time to time, so to see that a man would have this issue was kind of a relief. Perhaps men do need some of the same things women need. Maybe they just don’t take the time to express it like we do. What do you think?

I know, I know, I’m leading you on with this one aren’t I? Allow me to use this post as an introduction to the “series” I have coming up. I’m super excited about it and I hope you are too. Wait till you hear what Sam has to say. Hopefully you’ll be blessed by his 31 years of experience. I already have been.







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