Mirror, Mirror

Paradise, this place is Paradise. I’ll admit I was a bit leery about stepping into that door on the floor. That one eye looking back at me, almost promising to steal my breath before I’d gotten two feet in, but this…I never expected this. Beautiful lush greenery all around. All the trees in perfect bloom, each swaying in the most calming breeze I’ve ever felt. A lake … Continue reading Mirror, Mirror


If I’ve ever betrayed you, make it clear. Please let me know. The last thing I would want is for your hate for me to grow. Just let it show, don’t let it be. Mistakes taken for granted will plant seeds. Those seeds will grow and produce weeds; hate gone much further than it needs. And when it breeds, vengeance takes root. Let’s cut it … Continue reading Grudges

YOU-Defining Life pt. 2

“I think you’re overreacting about this.” Your boyfriend always did have a tendency to play down your problems…make them seem like they’re nothing. Maybe they were nothing to him, but they were something to you, and he should at least make an attempt at showing a little sympathy. A simple, “I’m here for you” would suffice. Nonetheless you suppress your anger and continue with your … Continue reading YOU-Defining Life pt. 2