If I’ve ever betrayed you, make it clear. Please let me know. The last thing I would want is for your hate for me to grow. Just let it show, don’t let it be. Mistakes taken for granted will plant seeds. Those seeds will grow and produce weeds; hate gone much further than it needs. And when it breeds, vengeance takes root. Let’s cut it … Continue reading Grudges

YOU-Defining Life Pt.3

“Hey um, I don’t know if you’re busy tomorrow night, or some other time, but…well I was just wondering if we could get together and…and…chat for a bit. If you’re busy it’s fine. Oh, by the way, it’s me, your daughter, Jasmine. So uh, just call me back¬†when you get this. Bye.” You don’t know what exactly had compelled you to call your father today, … Continue reading YOU-Defining Life Pt.3