Confession of Unbelief

A fools heart. Foolishly I keep hoping, waiting with expectation for some miraculous, once-in-a-lifetime event to turn up and change my life forever. Forever. Instead I’m bogged down with a billion and one teeny-tiny little instances that affect my everyday life. A hint of this, a twist of that, a sprinkle of this and by 5pm my day’s gone kaput. Dreams. I used to dream … Continue reading Confession of Unbelief


“Take my hand.” The irony of the statement gave me pause. I stared at her hand as though it were a tentacle with slimy grips covering it. This is unnatural. This is unreal. In most cases those kinds of thoughts are spoken aloud, but I was unable to move, almost unable to breathe freely. I wanted to look at her again, hoping…no, praying my eyes had deceived … Continue reading WE

Mirror, Mirror

Paradise, this place is Paradise. I’ll admit I was a bit leery about stepping into that door on the floor. That one eye looking back at me, almost promising to steal my breath before I’d gotten two feet in, but this…I never expected this. Beautiful lush greenery all around. All the trees in perfect bloom, each swaying in the most calming breeze I’ve ever felt. A lake … Continue reading Mirror, Mirror

Sky’s the Limit…I Hope

Sometimes I feel like I have so much to do and still nothing at all. After coming down off the high of my (seemingly) once in a lifetime night on the town, responsibility hit me like a freight train. Thing is, I have no issue with being a stay-at-home mother/housewife. I’m good at it. The issue lies outside the home. I need to know that my … Continue reading Sky’s the Limit…I Hope