Pray Like Jesus Prayed

I woke up one morning to have prayer and I was drawn to read John 17. I thought to myself, “I wanna pray how Jesus prayed,” and that’s exactly what I did. In John 17 Jesus prays this amazing prayer about how he wants God to keep us from evil and sanctify (set apart) us in the truth, and how he wants us to be one as he and God are one. It’s touching when you think about it, because these things happened before he was betrayed and arrested. All the while, he knew what was about to happen, and there he was praying for us.

Here’s the thing, we all come into this world as sinners. That’s an ugly thought isn’t it? To think that an innocent baby is a sinner; but it’s true. We don’t enter the earth as Christ followers. That is a choice that we have to make on our own. Jesus didn’t die on the cross so that every person from then on would automatically have him. No he died so that every person would have the choice to accept him. Whether or not we do is up to us…and yet he prayed saying, “My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message,“. We relay the message and others can choose to accept Christ. That’s the beauty of the relationship we have with him, that it isn’t forced upon you. If, perhaps, you feel forced to give your life to Christ, looking into this prayer may change your perspective.

Finallyfoundmy newhome!

I wrote a prayer of my own that morning. I wanted to pray for my family the way Jesus prayed for all believers, and so that’s just what I did. The following prayer is inspired by the prayer of Jesus in John 17:

Father, In Jesus’ name,

I know with certainty that Jesus came from you, and I believe that you sent him. Holy Father, protect us by the power of your name, the name you gave your son, so that we, the body of Christ, may be one as you and Christ are one.

I thank you that we can have the full measure of Christs joy within us, and I receive that joy. My prayer is not that you would take us out of the world, but that you would protect us from the evil one. I receive that protection.

Sanctify us by the truth; your word is truth. Jesus has sent us into the world and sanctified himself, that we too may be truly set apart. 

I receive the glory that Christ has given us, that we may be one with other believers as you and Christ are one. Christ in us and you in him.

May we be brought to complete unity to tell the world that you sent your son and you love them as you have loved him.

Father, I thank you for allowing us to be with Christ, where he is, and to see his glory.

We will make your son known to the world as Christ has and will continue to make him known in order that the love you have for us may be in them and that you yourself may be in them as you are in us.


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