Liebster Lovin’

Up until a few days ago I hadn’t even known the Liebster award existed! I did a little research on it (little being the operative word) and found out that most people have a love hate relationship with this award for various reasons. Here’s my take on it: Its an AWARD! I don’t even care how it came to be, it’s awesome to be recognized. Any blogger knows, no matter how many people you have following your blog, you are still a small fish in a big pond.

I will allow my small beginning to be just that and say a huge thank you to Victoria from I am Unbothered for nominating me. I’m considering myself a winner automatically (naturally right?) but congratulations to all the others she nominated as well. You are all collectively awesome!

Here’s a little quote from Victoria’s blog that I thought was really great:

Why not just be best at being you and stop being so worried about what the next person is doing, hmm? Life gets better when you stop caring so much about judgmental people.

I love the simplicity of truth and that’s exactly what this is, simple and true.

My favorite blog right now is A Fractured Faith. The very first time I read it I was blown away by the nakedness…I’m speaking about writing style of course LOL. I love anyone that is willing to bear it all on “paper” for the world to see because it ultimately leads to finding people who can relate to your story. The good, the bad and the ugly…and in this blog he is NOT afraid to show the ugly!

To my eternal shame I made a dash for the toilets upon our arrival at the airport, barely making it into a cubicle before my breakfast from earlier and I became reacquainted again in devastating fashion. Afterwards I curled up in the foetal position on the cubicle floor mulling over the errors of my excesses from the night before whilst simultaneously breaking out into a clammy, cold sweat.

The aftermath of drunkenness. I don’t know anything about it. I was always afraid of people drunk because I was told my father was an alcoholic. I know my father very well but somehow he hid that side of himself from me until I was an adult…or perhaps I hid it from myself in an effort to view him as the loving daddy I wanted him to be. Perfect in his own right. This is just one of many eye-opening stories told on A Fractured Faith.

Maybe you’ve been in a few embarrassing situations in your life; maybe a few you wish you could erase from the minds of all who knew, Stephen chose to bear his soul on his blog instead. We can’t get rid of the past, no matter how far behind us it is, however, instead of years of regret, we can share our experiences with others in hopes of setting them free from their own inner demons.


Now for the fun part, 10 random facts about me (brace yourselves for the unremarkable)

Eins: (yeah, I’m speaking German here): I lived in Germany for 3 years…my hubs is an Army guy

Zwie: I was a cheerleader in elementary and middle school…and today I couldn’t do a cartwheel if you paid me to

Drei: I didn’t find out the sex of my first child on purpose, but I named him Cristian in advance…that would have been the name if I’d had a girl

Vier: I watched my younger sister give birth before I ever had children and I almost puked…years later I had her record me giving birth to my second child…watched it and still almost puked

Funf: I wear glasses but no sunblock so my nose is a good 5 shades darker than the rest of my face

Sechs: After living such a laid-back, family-oriented lifestyle in Germany for 3 years, the fast-paced, consumer-oriented lifestyle of America doesn’t much suit me anymore

Sieben: I have a shirt from Italy as a souvenir…never went, just had a friend buy it for me

Acht: I met my husband at Technical school and we grew to be close friends…because I was doing his english homework (got him an A of course!)

Neun: While engaged, I told my husband I wanted 5 kids. After my second I decided 3 would be fine. After my third I am back to wanting 5. So yeah, I’m insane

Zehn: I only google translated 4 of these German numbers and that was for spelling errors! YAY me!

Here are my nominees for the Liebster Award:Water-Light-2

  1. My Hope Is In Thee
  2. Maggie Wig
  3. Balance to Bliss Fit
  4. Jenny Chang 
  5. Dew it Yourself
  6. His
  7. Pursuing Potential
  8. Coffee Ink Scripture
  9. MANA Wahine Fitness
  10. BeYounique

I was asked 11 questions but I’ll answer my favorite 2:

  1. Two of your favorite movie super heroes (male and female). Why?Wonderwoman is my favorite female superhero because she’s beautiful (duh) and she’s got this hidden power within her that she has no idea she can use and that feels like me most of the time. Male would have to be Lego Batman…do you even need a reason why? (He’s batman, he’s awesome, he’s got a 9 pack)
  2. How many jobs have you had in your life? Heaven only knows. I’ve lost count, but the best job so far is being a mom. Cliche’ yes but also true. It’s not a job per se’ but since I technically never “clock out” and the pay is terrible, let’s call it that

If you would like to accept my nomination, you can contact me and I will send you my 11 questions…and CONGRATS!

Check out this link for the official rules!


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