Dear God,

Today I am somehow forced to remember how terribly human we all are. I think of the relationship you had with Adam, before he fell. I think of how close the two of you must have been, and how impossible that relationship seems for us now. This chasm of sin and uncertainty is between us now, separating us from the wholeness of fellowship with you. But then I see verses in the Bible telling me that your spirit lives in me…IN me, and I think to myself, “How can that be?”

You are God's temple
1 Corinthians 3:16 NCV

I remember as a child learning about Jesus, they told us that all we had to do was confess our sins and ask Jesus to come into our hearts and he would. Right there, on the spot, I could have Jesus. I suppose ignorance is what stopped me from questioning this and I suppose now, human reasoning, leaning on my own understanding, is what causes me to question the impossibility of a deity taking abode within my mortal being.


Still, even with all of that, I am thankful. If your word says it, then I’ve decided it’s true, and if it’s true then it’s real for me in my life and in my family’s life. We have the spirit of God living in us, as if we ourselves were the ark of the covenant, going about being held by your priestly hand so that we touch no unclean thing; being held to the highest regard so that we live a life pleasing to you, and yet not bound to the practice of animal sacrifice, because Jesus has already cleansed us from all of our sin.

Today, in spite of our inescapable humanity, I am immensely grateful for your presence living within me. May we never forget it. May we live with a constant awareness of it. May it be as simple as breathing, and as sacred as the bond between a heavenly Father and his child.

In Jesus’ name I pray,



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