If you learn anything from marriage, it should be selflessness. Being with one person for the rest of your life is no easy feat. There will be SO many times when you feel like your spouse isn’t doing enough to satisfy your needs, and, in some cases, you may be right. Unfortunately, this is not a good excuse to set yourself on a quest for self-gratification…which inevitably leads most people to betray their spouse. Instead, you need to pray. You pray and ask God how to help you help your spouse. What if there’s a reason they’ve grown away from you? What if you are that reason? I’m not saying you are, but there are questions that have to be asked, and you won’t find the answer by thinking of yourself and what your spouse can do for you.

(´∇ノ`-)ノhappy birthday!time 2 party

When you ask God to help you with the rough spots in your relationship, you’re able to see the situation through an entirely new perspective. You’re able to discern things through the eyes of God’s wisdom, and he is able to help you through that season of your life and bring it through to a happy continuance. When I say that, I mean that your relationship continues even after you’ve gone through the bad times. Bad times will happen. We aren’t perfect, but you don’t have to let a bad phase end your entire relationship. You can have a happy continuance.

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Think about that today. Think about areas of your relationship where you’ve become selfish. Think about whether you consider your spouse responsible for your own lack of happiness and fulfillment, and ask God to give you direction.




…as always, I’d love to hear what you think about this topic. Comment and tell me your thoughts!




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