The People’s Voice

…that’s what I want this blog to represent. I want you to tell me your thoughts on the numerous topics relating to God, Love & Family. Sure, I could write any number of posts on how to be happy or how to pray for your spouse or when to compromise, and it would all be great; but I think this blog is meant to be a community of people all raising their voices to throw their 2 cents in the pot on what married life is like. God will speak to us through this blog, and we will all speak to each other- women and MEN alike.

the people's voice

As you’re reading, you’ve got your own experience to relate to a certain topic. TELL ME! Really, I want to hear it. This blog is not for me, it is for ALL OF US! I’m a military spouse of 6 years…and I didn’t marry him in the military, so I’ve got a few stories of my own to tell. I want to hear from you about what is important in a marriage. Perhaps God isn’t even a part of your marriage and family life. Perhaps he’s scarcely even apart of your own personal life; my friends, this blog is SO for you.

So please, don’t be shy. Leave a comment, message me on Facebook or Instagram and share it with your friends. The more voices the better. Together we will discover a host of new revelations about God, Love & Family.


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