Mirror, Mirror

Image by: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Paradise, this place is Paradise. I’ll admit I was a bit leery about stepping into that door on the floor. That one eye looking back at me, almost promising to steal my breath before I’d gotten two feet in, but this…I never expected this. Beautiful lush greenery all around. All the trees in perfect bloom, each swaying in the most calming breeze I’ve ever felt. A lake nearby slowly drifting at its own pace. A swan gliding across the waters. But wait, where is that…uh…thing? The thing with the eye. It said it would help me. Is this my door?

I should’ve pondered it a bit more, but this place was breathtaking. Everything my eye took in became its own distraction. Every time I tried to think about getting to my door or finding that thing with the eye, I was distracted once again! So I continue to stroll this stone path through this beautiful forest. Every animal seemed to be smiling at me, as if that were possible. It seemed possible though. Anything seemed possible in here. It was as if I’d entered some new dimension. Where are all the people?

Just then I heard a creaking noise like the sound of a door slowly opening…or closing, I’m not sure. I looked around but, it was useless. Where would there be a door? In the trees? Maybe the hills over there? No. I must be imagining things. “Pssst…Rajjae.” There it goes again, that eerie whisper. It’s become a bit irritating to me now. “Would you mind speaking up? I can’t hear you over the wind and the trees.” I replied. Suddenly a ghostly wind of sorts blew over me. I closed my eyes for a moment, and when I opened them I stood in front of a tree. “Don’t tell me I’m going to walk into a tree” I said to myself…hoping that thing might answer.

“Of course not, I’m right here.” it answered, aloud for the first time. I turned around, finally getting to view the face…I hope a face, of the being that had lured me into this gorgeous place with the promise of helping me get to my door. “Finally you…” I gasped as if I’d seen someone come from the dead. So many tears rushed from my eyes I could’ve filled the lake 10 times over. “How could this be?! You? Here? But I’m…and you’re…” frozen in my words, she spoke, “I’m you.”

to be continued…

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